Dedicated to client service

The constitution guarantees your right to a defense. If you have been charged with a serious offense, you should be serious about your choice of counsel.

Innocent until proven guilty

Michael Terribile is tireless in his commitment to the representation of his clients from the initial appearance, all the way through trial, and beyond. His integrity and dedication ensure that his clients are always treated with the highest level of respect and compassion.

Significant Cases

Cited below are significant victories that established precedence in Arizona:

…changed the definition of premeditation as applied in first degree murder cases (State v Ramirez 190 Ariz. 65, 945 P.2d 376, 1997).

…held that the State must comply with established deadlines for filing a notice of intent to seek the death penalty (Barrs v Wilkinson 186 Ariz. 514, 924 P.2d 1033, 1996).

…agreed that the statute under which a client was charged was too broadly applied by the trial court and ordered the case dismissed (Mejak v. Granville, 212 Ariz. 555, 136 P.3d 874, 2006).

…prohibited the use of ‘consistency’ plea agreements (State v. Fisher, 176 Ariz. 69, 859 P.2d 179 (1993).